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The Lies of Tony Blair

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In 1983, before he became an MP, Tony B said this to the electors of Sedgefield:
"We'll negotiate a withdrawal from the EEC... which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs".
TB says one thing before he gets into parliament and then, once he gets in, spends the next twenty-two years trying to achieve the complete opposite.

In 1992, Tony Blair promised to be "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime".
In 2002, he said: "We're the first Government since the war under which crime has fallen not risen."
Whereas, according to Home Office figures produced in July, 2004, since New Labour came to power, violence against the person increased by 90 per cent, sexual offences by 44 per cent, robbery by 51 per cent, total violent crime by 83 per cent and criminal damage by 37 per cent.
Over the same seven-year period, detection rates for violence against the person have fallen from 79 per cent in 1997 to 50 per cent, for sex crime from 77 per cent. to 39 per cent, for robbery from 27 per cent to 18 per cent, for burglary from 23 per cent to 13 per cent and for violent crime from 69 per cent to 47 per cent.

In January, 2004, according to the BBC, 59 per cent of the gang-rape victims in London were white and 62% of the rapists were black or Asian.
By August, 2003, one in seven of the prison population was a foreign national.
Since 1997, when New Labour came to power, the number of foreign women in British prisons had increased by 140 percent.

According to statistics provided by the document Statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice System produced by the Home Office in 2002, in the 3 year period, mid-1999 to mid-2002, a black person was 68 times more likely to kill a white person in Britain than the other way around.

As of February, 2004, 17 per cent of the prison population in Britain was black.
I'm willing to bet that you have never heard any MP tell you any of this, have you? In fact, you've probably heard them insisting that the precise opposite was true.

Truth is, folks, it's not just Tony B who lies, it's all of them.

1n 1994, Tony B said: "I would expect ministers in any government I lead to resign if they lied to parliament." No explanation necessary.

Tony Blair's 1997 Election Manifesto said:
"We will establish a Royal Commission to work out a fair system for funding long-term care for the elderly…. We are committed to an independent inspection and regulation service for residential homes".
Since which time around 90,000 places in care homes have been cut, with 10,000 being lost in 2003 alone.

On the 19th of April, 1997, in a speech to a Pensioners Rally, in the Millfield Theatre, Edmonton, Tony Blair said this: "The Tories have betrayed Britain's pensioners. They have forced thousands of pensioners to sell their homes to pay for long-term care… Enough is enough. Pensioners deserve better than that."

Four years later a report commissioned by the Lib Dems demonstrated that, in just one year 2000-2001, 70,000 pensioners had been forced to sell their homes to pay for long term care.
As of 2003, except for Scotland, anyone with assets of more than £18,500 had to pay for their own care. As of 2003, 40,000 people were still having to sell their homes every year to pay for long term care.

The situation has not changed since then.
Tony Blair lied to Britain's pensioners in 1997.

In May, 1997, Tony B said this: "Mine is the first generation able to contemplate the possibility that we may live our entire lives without going to war or sending our children to war."

No explanation necessary.

In 1997, Tony B Liar said: "I am determined to tackle the menace of drugs and the devastating effects they have on our communities".
As of 2005, 100,000 drug deals were taking place every day in Britain.
As of July, 2004, according to The British Crime Survey, 622,000 people were regularly taking cocaine in Britain.
In a March, 2005, report, the UN drugs watchdog, the International Narcotics Control Board, found that the UK came top of the league for amphetamine use and third for ecstasy.
As of 2005, 90% of heroin consumed in Britain and Europe came from Afghanistan. The amount entering Britain has increased 20-fold since Britain and America got rid of the Taleban.
According to the UN, in 2004, the UK had the largest rate of heroin seizures and the third highest number of heroin addicts in Europe.

In 1997, Tony B said this: "Our goal: to make Britain the best educated and skilled country in the world... every single part of our schools system must be modernised to achieve it."
Nearly 40 per cent of 11 year olds can't read, write or add up properly. 42nd in the world education league. This is the scandalous legacy not just of 18 years of Tory Government but of a country too often content to educate the elite and ignore education for all. Education, education, education.

Remember? We are launching the biggest assault on poor literacy and numeracy standards this country has seen. We are setting a target of 80% up to the standard in literacy, 75% for numeracy by the year 2002, and we'll keep on until every 11 year old in every school in every part of Britain gets the start in life that they deserve.
Under our proposals, no parent will have to pay more. Low income families will be entirely exempt from tuition fees.
All students will repay only as they can afford to."
Low income families will be entirely exempt from tuition fees?

All students will repay only as they can afford to? In 1992, 8 students filed for bankruptcy. According to the Student Loans Company, 899 filed for bankruptcy in 2003.
On the 18th of January, 2001, the BBC website reported that, given five multiple choice answers, a survey of 200 pupils, aged between 11 and 18:
Half were unable to link Oliver Cromwell with the English Civil War and 17% thought he was at the Battle of Hastings;

40% did not know that Henry VIII had six wives;
34% thought he had eight;

Only 36% knew the exact dates of the First World War;
More than a quarter thought Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar was the Mary Rose;
60% did not know when the Romans ruled Britain;
49% were unable to date the Great Fire of London;
Over 50% could not name the reigning monarch the time of the Armada, with one in ten opting for King Harold.
As of 2004, 26% of schoolchildren were not taking GCSE history because their school timetable made it too difficult to arrange.
As of 2004, 30,000 pupils leave British schools every year without a GCSE.
About 50,000 British children were playing truant every week.
As of November, 2004, a teacher was assaulted in a British school every 7 minutes.
As of 2004, 179 British libraries had been closed since 1986.
As of 2004, 88% of local authorities had reduced library opening hours and more than 160,000 library users had lost access to a public library service since 1986.

In 1982, education authorities were given the right to sell off playing fields.
In 1997, Tony Blair said this in the Election Manifesto:
"We will bring the government's policy of forcing schools to sell off playing fields to an end."
As of December, 2002, more than 6,000 such fields had been sold off and about one playing field a week was being sold to private developers under New Labour.

In 1984, 118,540 special needs students were being catered for in special needs schools.
As of March 2005, only 29,040 of these students was being educated similarly.
By, 2004, New Labour has closed 91 special needs schools since it came to power and further closures were being planned.

In April, 1997, The Evening Standard asked Tony Blair the following question:
"Will Labour introduce tuition fees for higher education?" Blair replied:
"Labour has no plans to introduce tuition fees for higher education."
Tony B's government introduced top-up fees in 2003 for students in England, after promising in their manifesto that they wouldn't.

Top-up fees add debts of around £9,000 to the £12,000 in student loans already owed by a typical university graduate.
A survey of 5,000 children aged between 12 and 18 was carried out in the teen magazine Bliss.
It found that, amongst the 15 year olds, eight out of 10 said the prospect of tuition fees going up would put them off going to university.
So, when Tony B says that New Labour's goal was to "make Britain the best educated and skilled country in the world", and states that he is launching "the biggest assault on poor literacy and numeracy standards this country has seen" and "low income families will be entirely exempt from tuition fees", what do you think?

Was he lying?
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