goodbye england

European Union Wipes England Off the Map

April 24th 2008

Goodbye England
As Gordon Brown hoisted the English national flag over 10 Downing Street to celebrate St George’s Day, it was revealed that EU officials had revised a map wiping out the country and the Channel.

The change splits England into three and lumps those parts together with chunks of other countries to create “transnational regions”.
Under the programme, known as INTER-REG,

Counties along England’s south coast form the “Manche Region” along with northern France.

The “Atlantic Region” takes in western England, along with Ireland, Wales and parts of Portugal, Spain, France and Scotland.

Meanwhile eastern England is part of the “North Sea Region”, which covers areas of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands.

The UK Government is fully behind the project, even though the words “England” and “Britain” are left off official maps of each area and the Manche Region renames the English Channel “The Channel Sea”.

Each region, which will be given taxpayers’ money to promote trade links, cultural ties, transport policies and tourism, is to be run by a “managing authority” of unelected officials overseen by a director.

None will be based in the UK,
Manche will be ruled by the French,
Atlantic by the Portuguese
and North Sea by the Danes.

The regions have legal status and
Manche has a budget of £261million between 2007 and 2013,
Atlantic £127million and
North Sea £274million.

Every project funded by a region must have a publicity campaign which ensures
“there is provision for flying the EU flag at least one week every year”.

Britain has now become a province and its "Mother of Parliaments," a regional assembly. And that's no small humiliation for a country that gave the world English and saved Western civilization in the Battle of Britain in 1940.
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